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"Balloons series #1" collection by Veronika Glushkova in ArtLitfond and Auction

Veronika Glushkova in cooperation with ArtLitfond, exhibit "Balloons series #1".
Pre-auction exhibition will start on 4th october till 11 october. 

Auction itself will be on 11 october at 19:00 in Winzavod "Artlitfond: Contemporary Art".

"Balloons" is one of the main artist project. They are represent airiness and capable to inspire any ideas.

"I believe that "Balloons" are necessary to humanity. Everyone needs something that can distract from problems and make vanity go away. "Balloons" are able to manage this tast, all because they constantly want to peer at them, as in Realism direction every detail is important."

- Veronika says.

There is exhibit "Balloons series #1" 

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